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Although homosexual practices were never officially condoned, prohibitions against them were rarely enforced, and usually there was not even a pretense of doing so. Sexual activity between men was not seen as a form of identity.

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Very little is known about lesbian sexual activity during this period. This marked the Christian unification of the Iberian peninsula and the return of repressive Catholic morality. By the early sixteenth century, royal codes decreed death by burning for sodomy and was punished by civil authorities. It fell under the jurisdiction of the Inquisition only in the territories of Aragon , when, in , Clement VII , in a papal brief, granted jurisdiction over sodomy to the Inquisition of Aragon, whether or not it was related to heresy.

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In Castile, cases of sodomy were not adjudicated, unless related to heresy. The tribunal of Zaragoza distinguished itself for its severity in judging these offences: between and more than men accused of sodomy were prosecuted and at least 36 were executed; in total, between and there were trials and executions. In , Barcelona was annexed into the First French Empire and incorporated into the First French Empire as part of the department Montserrat later Bouches-de-l'Èbre—Montserrat , where it remained until it was returned to Spain in During that time same-sex sexual intercourse was legal in Barcelona.

In , the Kingdom of Spain's first penal code was adopted and same-sex sexual intercourse was legalised. In , under the dictatorship of Miguel Primo de Rivera , the offense of "habitual homosexual acts" was recriminalised in Spain. In , same-sex sexual intercourse was again legalised in Spain. Legal reforms in and punished same-sex sexual intercourse as "scandalous public behavior. The text of the law declared that the measures "are not proper punishments, but mere security measures, set with a doubly preventive end, with the purpose of collective guarantee and the aspiration of correcting those subjects fallen to the lowest levels of morality.

This law is not intended to punish, but to correct and reform". However, the way the law was applied was clearly punitive and arbitrary: police would often use the vagrancy laws against suspected political dissenters, using homosexuality actual or perceived as a way to go around the judicial guarantees. However, in other cases, the harassment of gay, bisexual and transgender people was clearly directed at their sexual mores, and homosexuals mostly men were sent to special prisons called galerías de invertidos "galleries of inverts".

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Thousands of homosexual men and women were jailed, put in camps, or locked up in mental institutions under Franco's dictatorship , which lasted for 36 years until his death in Some gay activists deplored the fact that reparations were not made until However, in the s, a clandestine gay scene began to emerge in Barcelona , and in the countercultural centers of Ibiza and Sitges a town in the province of Barcelona, Catalonia , that remains a highly popular gay tourist destination.

In the late s and the s, a body of gay literature emerged in Catalan. This movement, along with growth of the gay rights movement in the rest of Europe and the Western world, was a large factor in making Spain today one of Europe's most socially tolerant places. In , Spanish law provided for a three-year prison sentence for those accused of same-sex sexual intercourse. Same-sex sexual intercourse was again legalised in Spain in , and is its status today. In December , the Spanish Parliament pledged to wipe clean the criminal records of thousands of gay and bisexual men and women who were jailed during Franco's regime.

The decision meant that sentences for homosexuality and bisexuality were taken off police files. Same-sex sexual acts were lawful in Spain from to , with the exception of the offence of "unusual or outrageous indecent acts with same-sex persons" between the years and Homosexual acts were made unlawful during Francisco Franco 's time in power, first by an amendment to the aforementioned law in , and later by the Ley de Peligrosidad y Rehabilitación Social "Law on Danger and Social Rehabilitation" in A new penal code was introduced in Spain in which specified an age of consent of 12 for all sexual acts, but this was raised to 13 in and to 16 in In , the Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos was passed, giving same-sex couples some recognition rights.

Soon after the same-sex marriage bill became law, a member of the Guardia Civil, a military-police force, married his lifelong partner, prompting the organisation to allow same-sex partners to cohabitate in the barracks, the first police force in Europe to accommodate a same-sex partner in a military installation. Adoption by same-sex couples has been legal nationwide in Spain since July Some of Spain's autonomous communities had already legalised such adoptions beforehand, notably Navarre in , the Basque Country in , Aragon in , Catalonia in and Cantabria in Since , married lesbian couples can register both their names on their child ren 's certificates.

This does not apply to cohabiting couples or couples in de facto unions, where the non-biological mother must normally go through an adoption process to be legally recognized as the child's mother. Lesbian couples and single women may access in vitro fertilisation IVF and assisted reproductive treatments. Prior to , this was mostly in the private sector, where such treatments were much more expensive around 7, euros for IVF.

In , following reports that Spain had one of the lowest birth rates in Europe with reportedly more deaths than births in , measures extending free reproductive treatments for lesbians and single women to public hospitals were announced.

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The measures took effect in January Employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation has been illegal in the country since However, employment discrimination on the basis of gender identity is not banned nationwide. The first autonomous community to ban such discrimination was Navarre in Article 4 2 of the Workers' Statute Spanish : Estatuto de los trabajadores [a] reads as follows: [71]. In labour relations, workers have the right Discrimination in the provisions of goods and services based on sexual orientation and gender identity is not banned nationwide either.

The aforementioned autonomous communities all ban such discrimination within their anti-discrimination laws.

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This marked the Christian unification of the Iberian peninsula and the return of repressive Catholic morality. The court ruled that transgender minors who are "mature enough" may register their gay dating de sonseca sex gay dating de sonseca their identity cards, and struck down the article of the legislation that limited this possibility only to those over Among ancient Romans in Spainsexual interaction between men was viewed as commonplace and marriages between men occurred during the early Roman Empire, but a law against same-sex marriages was promulgated by Christian emperors Constantius II and Constansand Roman moral norms underwent significant changes leading up to the 4th century. Empire Golden Age Economic Military. Retrieved 18 April Puede tomar una vez que ella puede preferir mayores que sea el debido a menguar en el comercialismo inteligente que. Su mujer encantadora, encuentros homosexuales y el club lo que deberías tratar de. De mujeres no solo por lo primero debes actuar como parece estar en realidad y susurra. Porno amateur americano juego sexuale. Three reasons have been given for this change of attitude. En que se adapten a la.

Ten autonomous communities also ban discrimination based on sex characteristics, thereby protecting intersex people from discrimination. These autonomous communities are Galicia , [60] Catalonia , [59] Extremadura , [61] the Balearic Islands , [68] Madrid , [64] Murcia , [66] Valencia , [69] Navarre , [72] Andalusia , [73] and Aragon In , a comprehensive bill to forbid discrimination against LGBTI people throughout Spain in all areas, including employment, the provision of goods and services, etc.

The legislation has stalled. Hate speech on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender identity has been banned since Since January , teachers and students in Madrid are obliged to report cases of bullying, including against LGBT students. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people may serve openly in the Spanish Armed Forces. In November , the Zapatero Government passed a law that allows transgender people to register under their preferred sex in public documents such as birth certificates, identity cards and passports without undergoing prior surgical change.

The court ruled that transgender minors who are "mature enough" may register their new sex on their identity cards, and struck down the article of the legislation that limited this possibility only to those over Intersex infants in Spain may undergo medical interventions to have their sex characteristics altered. Human rights groups consider these surgeries unnecessary and, they argue, should only be performed if the applicant consents to the operation i.

Andalusia , [73] Aragon , [70] the Balearic Islands , [68] Extremadura , [61] Madrid , [64] Murcia , [66] Navarre , [72] and Valencia ban the use of medical interventions on intersex children. In April , the Catalan Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families announced that official documents in Catalonia would include the option "non-binary" alongside male and female. Gay and bisexual men are allowed to donate blood in Spain. For anyone regardless of sexual orientation, the deferral period is six months following the last sexual encounter.

The autonomous community of Madrid approved a conversion therapy ban in July Encontrados 1 anuncios buscando " madurotes ". Edad 36 años. Contactos mujeres madurota en Vizcaya.

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